HealthGuard 4

HealthGuard 4

This package is our most comprehensive HealthGuard test and is best suited for individuals who have many water quality concerns. It includes both volatile organic, and synthetic organic compounds, for both naturally-occurring and man-made chemical contaminants. Trace metals are also included.

Tests for the following parameters:

Coliform Bacteria
Lead (Standing)
Lead (Flushed)
21 Regulated VOC’s
4 Trihalomethanes
38 Unregulated VOC’s

  • SOC’s (synthetic organic compounds, or man-made chemicals)
  • Trace Metals



*If you choose to have your kit shipped to you, a $15 S&H fee will be applied. Return S&H is the client’s responsibility.  For further information, see Standard Terms and Conditions.

If a replacement kit is needed, additional fees may apply.